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About ViP Creations

Vanessa and Patti met in through an online community and quickly recognised a common interest in web design and creativity, and a desire to share our abilities with others to enable everyone to have their own unique web presence. Our name ViP represents both our customer focus and the combination of our initials (Vanessa and Patti) and our International flavour.

ViP Creations was founded in 2002 and initially supported our design clients. We enjoy putting site control back in the hands of the website owner, but can cater to the needs of those who want a complete solution.

Vanessa Jackson

Vanessa lives in New Zealand. She has been in web development since 1999, designing and hosting web sites for voluntary organisations and local businesses. Vanessa is a mother of 3, and a Registered Midwife.

Patti Taylor

Patti has been doing web design since 2000 and is currently involved in several US projects. Although her main focus has always been the designing aspect, her abilities include other areas of website maintainance and creation. As an instructor at Pensacola Jr. College, she has gained experience working one on one with many clients with different needs.

Julian Jackson

Julian is a new design partner living in New Zealand and he provides website, logo, and print design services.